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Internal Monthly Financial Statement Preparation and Analysis

Does your Company produce internal monthly financial statements? Yes   No 
Are your Company’s monthly internal financial statements produced on a timely basis? Yes   No 
Are your Company’s monthly internal financial statements consistently accurate? Yes   No 
Do you know how to completely analyze the information that your internal monthly financial statements provide? Yes   No 
Does your Company have daily, weekly and/or monthly reporting of your Company’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI)’s? Yes   No 

If you answered no to one or more of the questions above you may benefit from our proven process that will develop an appropriate monthly reporting package for your business. You’ll be confident that the data will be accurate and timely. This allows you to make the necessary decisions about your business, as issues or opportunities are identified.

Our process includes, when applicable, mentoring your financial staff to perpetuate the monthly reporting process with your internal resources. This provides you with a cost effective solution while maintaining the support of cfoSOLUTIONSPlus, as needed.

Each business is unique. Therefore each solution is unique. Our solution to assist you in the development of your Company’s monthly reporting package and identification of your company’s KPI’s is developed after cfoSOLUTIONSPlus has made an assessment of your internal resources and has gained an overview understanding of your current business processes. In order to provide you with a solution that fits your business, your resources, and meets your time constraints, we follow these steps:

  • Gain an understanding of what you are currently reporting and the current business processes
  • Work with you to understand what information is needed and when
  • Make additional suggestions for reporting efficiencies and content
  • Assess and train your staff to prepare your monthly reporting package
  • Monitor your staff’s progress and provide assurance that the policies and procedures established are perpetuated

At the end of our process you will have fully developed reporting procedures that are supported internally at the level you desire.

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